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A Major Advance for Eurasia Connectivity

Eurasia Peering is a fast growing startup of engineers-enthusiasts of peering and presents a carrier neutral and open policy peering point located at IXcellerate Moscow One Datacentre. Eurasia Peering enables peers (telecom operators, cloud solution providers, system integrators, CDNetworks, ISPs, hosting companies, social networks etc., i.e. both content generators, aggregators and consumers) exchange traffic seamlessly and optimize traffic routes affecting thus favorably classic IP metrics: latency, delay, jitter and packet loss. This ultimately makes content delivery to the eyeballs cheaper from a commercial standpoint and more technically effective.

Eurasia Peering is offering wide variety of ports’ connections as a service for IXcellerate customers when a cross-connect to the platform is purchased. Public and private peering over IEEE 802.3 Ethernet connectivity are provided on layer-2 VLANs.

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