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Eurasia Peering IX is at the heart of connectivity in Moscow. With several geographically diverse,
interconnected locations including IXcellerate and MMTS-9, we enable our customers to become a
part of our fast-growing peering community and increase their connectivity in the region.

IXcellerate Moscow North

IXcellerate Moscow North campus has 2 operational Tier III data centers and 2 under development, with several MMRs and over 50 telco carriers present onsite.

Address: Altufievskoe shosse 33G, Moscow, 127410

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IXcellerate Moscow South

A new 32-acre data center campus in southern Moscow with up to 250 MW of growth potential. It is connected to the Northern campus and features 50+ carriers.

Address: Podolskikh Kursantov 15B, Moscow, 117545

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MMTS-9 (M9) is one of the largest intercarrier traffic exchange points in Eastern Europe, uniting over 400 networks.

Address: Butlerova 7, Moscow, 117485


Peering is a process by which two Internet networks agree to connect and exchange traffic. It allows them to directly hand off traffic between each other’s clients, without having to involve a third party to carry that traffic across the Internet for them. An Internet Exchange point or IXP is a set of physical infrastructure (routing equipment, etc.) where Internet Service Providers and Content Providers interconnect and exchange trafic between themselves and others who join the platform.

By becoming a member of Eurasia Peering, you add interconnection services to your network management, which greatly reduces latency,
improves performance and gives you more control over your traffic.


170 ASNs with access
through route servers


Connected capacity
over 2Tbits


Ethernet connections


100% availability


Redundant Dual Core Switching design based on Extreme Network solutions.
Infrastructure from Extreme Networks, Dell, Cisco, HPE and others.

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Eurasia Peering is one of the largest interconnection platforms in Russia where hundreds of
parties exchange large amounts of IP traffic. With our switching infrastructure,
operators can easily improve performance of their network and achieve low-latency
and cost-effective interconnection.

Public and private peering. Exchange traffic with everyone or only with select parties.

Multi-lateral and bi-lateral peering

Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) communities. Manage your Announced Prefixes.

Traffic filtration

Private interconnections with other members. Separate your traffic (or any part of it) from public peering.

Closed user groups

Ensure business continuity with protection from DDoS attacks.

DDoS protection

Access the infrastructure of Cloud Service Providers.

Access to Public Clouds

Connect via a vast partner ecosystem of Eurasia Peering IX.

Remote access